Show Information

  • Show time: 19:30-20:30
  • Full price:
  • 200/280/380/480/580
  • Discount price from 100
  • Reservation tel:
  • 135 5252 7373 english

Theatre Address

  • 175 Yongan Road,
  • Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Qianmen Jianguo Hotel
  • 北京西城区永安路175号
  • 前门建国饭店内梨园剧场
liyuang theatre opera

Liyuan Theatre Introduction

Situated in Beijing Qianmen Hotel, Liyuan Theatre is the most prestigious performance venue of Beijing Opera. From the traditional performance stage, the Baixian Table (old fashioned square table to seat eight people) to the unique facial make-up, everything in the theater reflects the special feature of old Beijing. The theater has 1000 seats and is equipped with simultaneous translation equipment for English and Japanese. the theater also provides English subtitles for foreign visitors.

Before the beginning of the performance, you may visit the performers' make-up room and see their make-up process. besides, you can buy various souvenirs related to Beijing Opera here. Waiters and waitress in Tang suits (traditional Chinese garments) will pour tea for you through long-mouth tea pot while introduce Beijing Opera in English. your understanding of old Beijing will become an agreeable artistic enjoyment. Among those foreign leaders and officials who visited Beijing, many have left their footprints in this theater.

Each year over 300 thousands visitors will come here to enjoy the brilliant Beijing opera. Liyuan Theater has become a window of Beijing and a bridge between Beijing and the world. The performance time is 7:30 PM ,every day. Before and after the performance, you may go to the Chinese Restaurant and enjoy Chinese delicacy, especially the famous Beijing Roast Duck. red more....

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